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Professional portrait photography is one of the most popular photography genres across the globe and there is a good reason for it. If you are searching for a ‘good portrait photography service near me’ then just ensure that the photographer knows how to capture the emotions and personality of people around him, and does not just focuses on cashing from you through portrait photography services. The portrait photography in Dubai covers portraits for seniors, wedding photography and even family portrait photography sessions.

Hiring a Professional

From our decades of experience, our portrait photography services have been perfected with flexible techniques of our professionals. We ensure that our client is comfortable during the whole session of professional portrait photography even if it is the first time of the client or they may have had experience with it. Nonetheless, our photographers are experts in making the client at ease. Even the old timers at times have jitters and become nervous in front of the camera and the crew. Taking pictures of people is not easy but with posing, camera settings, lighting and a professional – this task can be done in no time!

Professional Photography Gear

Just like a good carpenter who does not blames his tools and shares the importance of his tools; in the same way, a professional photographer is incomplete without his high-tech gear necessary for creating killer edge portraits. The lighting, lenses, background, camera, reflectors and a lot more equipment is required for portrait photography in Dubai. You do not have to buy a lot of expensive gear and then fumble around it trying to figure out how to use it. A professional photographer knows how to play around the equipment and get you results which you otherwise would not have achieved. You may get a basic DSLR but you still need a professional to get posh pictures.

Destination Settings

Everyone looks for ‘photography services near me’ just so that they may reach their desired destination without any hassle and give their best to papping you for the portrait of your dreams. With Wow Shoots, you have got nothing to worry about! This is because our teams of professional photographers have got you covered all across UAE. So choose any destination of your liking. It could be anywhere; for instance, we could take your pictures in the comfort of your own house or head over to Jumeriah if you want the beach as your background. It all depends on what you want.

We will cover your desired destination for your portrait. However, we do recommend that you think of a backup destination if you have selected an outdoor location. A backup helps in extreme natural phenomena like rain or sand storm would damper the whole event. Selecting an outdoor location in the scorching heat of this desert is also unadvisable.

Portrait Lighting and Reflectors

Control over lighting is vital for portrait photography. Hence, exercising maximum control over the lighting is beneficial. The key factor of this photo session is the position of the lights’ intensity. This is especially important for highlighting the subject of your portrait. Light acts like a make-up highlighter and contour. Lighting accentuates the characteristics of the person’s face and body. The lighting setup could either make the portrait a hit or it could be a miss. Hence, don’t skip hiring a professional for your photo shoot. They even know how to emphasize or downplay any physical feature according to your preference.

The lighting also helps in including or even excluding any part of the environment. Precision is required for such type of lighting and the control over lighting is paramount. You will find numerous types of flashes and lighting setups which may be confusing for you. So instead of messing with everything, it’s best if you hired a professional like us.

Our team is aware of the key patterns of the natural and artificial source of lighting. We even know how to make the best use of reflectors. Reflectors are light weight and popularly used across the media industry. We sometimes use these reflectors to bounce back the light on the subject of the portrait. It helps in getting adequate lighting if the destination you have selected for your portrait photography is dark.

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