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High-end Fashion Photographers Dubai

WOWShoots is a prominent & leading fashion photoshoot provider from Dubai and its region, we offer fashion photography services in different areas with couple of interesting styles which includes

Fashion Photography Catalog

  1. Fashion eCommerce Photography
  2. Modelling photography (Model portfolio making),
  3. Kids fashion photography
  4. Fashion Boutiques catalog creation
  5. Street Fashion Photography


Fashion photography services are popular among different local businesses like beauty salons, boutiques, fashion designers, shoes manufacturers, businesses selling accessories and other domestic products like bed linen, etc. The glamorous model photography helps in promoting the products in an appealing way by capturing the interest of potential customers. Hence, high fashion photography plays a vital role in making or breaking a market of the fashion industry. The product has to be visually appealing. Pictures are viewed in less than a second and being able to grab a viewer’s attention helps in enhancing sales. This is where the fashion photographer in Dubai like us comes in play. We ensure that the photography does justice to your product lines.

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is immune to the typical changes across the globe. However, it responds to ethical problems associated with this industry. The fashion industry has revolved into an unstoppable place with fierce competition which makes giants and then crushes them. Everyone’s fashion sweetheart – the ‘Forever 21’ went out of business in August 2019 and had to shut down stores everywhere. It was a legacy in the fashion industry but was beaten down by the modern business models which offered top quality product at a competitive price. All new fashion businesses rely on fashion photography to sell their product. The industry operates at a rapid pace and is filled with dynamic players.

Purpose of Fashion Photography

The modern business landscape cannot survive without an online business presence. These businesses capture professional photographs of their products, and promote them online where the customers are roped in through competitive pricing along with visually appealing products. The industry has grown diverse and celebrities are used as pawns in selling fashion products. Playful, colorful, bizarre, and vintage and various other themes are used for photographing fashion products. While online businesses have expanded customer base for entrepreneurs; in the same way, the demand for professional glamorous photography has increased because the customers does not visit the store in person – they order the product online just by looking at the pictures of the product.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs and pages on Instagram have pushed the level of fashion photography to a new height. The accessories and props in the background have become complex and posh. The entire setting of the photo shoot is now set by designers who know how to lure in customers. The photographers work with the fashion team on sets. Most often, the creative director dictates the directions of the entire photo shoot. During this process, the photographer adds value to the photo shoot by setting things in a way that they deem best. A photographer knows how to work with lighting and equipment; hence, the creative directors look upon the point of views of the photographers.

Hiring a Professional

Unlike amateurs, professional photographers know how to play around the equipment. Professionals come powered with years of experience which an amateur photographer would not even know how to comprehend. For instance, a professional fashion photographer in Dubai would be aware of the importance of lighting, using reflectors to capture desired lighting, using an angle which ensures that the focus of the photo is the subject only with an interesting background. Being able to click photos with a unique background and still not being able to steal the thunder of the product is a skill which is mastered through experience.

Glamorous Photo Shoot

At Wow Shoots, our model portrait photography does just that – it focuses the attention on the model and the product that has to be highlighted which could be anything like a hat, a dress, a pair of shoes, jewelry, hand bag, etc. The glamorous model photography creates pictures of the product or the model in a glitz and flashy environment while retaining the focus of the shoot on the subject. Such results can only be achieved by a professional photographer.

High Tech Gear

Fashion photography services are incomplete without high tech gear. Best results can be captured through latest technological cameras and lenses. That’s the beauty of the rapid advancements in the technology industry. However, only professional photographers can make sense of the new changes and use them to their advantage. At Wow Shoots, we use latest state of the art cameras and lenses. Our high fashion photography has no match! The high tech gear coupled with vast model portrait photography experience makes a deadly combination of a ruthless photographer who creates unbeatable photos!


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Student Package



A simple mini session for new faces and model tests. Due to limited time in front of the camera, mini shoots are simple in nature and focused on natural beauty.

Up to 60 minutes in the studio

1-2 outfit changes

4 retouched images

Editorial Beauty Shoot



This full-scale package allows for more creative concepts and is great for new and experienced models looking to develop their portfolio with magazine-style fashion or beauty images. Professional hair, makeup and wardrobe styling is not included as part of this package however is highly recommended.

A 20 minute consultation to plan your shoot

Up to 2 hours in the studio

4 outfit changes or 3-4 beauty looks

8 retouched images




A 30 minute consultation to plan your shoot

Up to 2 hours in the studio

6 outfit changes or 3-4 beauty looks

12 retouched images

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